We prefer to quote for each project on an individual basis, as there are so many factors which can effect the cost, and we like to give people the best value possible. We also, obviously, cannot discuss the quotes we have made to other people. However, this is an example to give you an idea of the costs involved. A proper quote containing this information would be created after initial discussions with the client. They would also be provided with constant feedback throughout the process.

Pricing Example

The company in this example is a small product based company, currently selling in a traditional manner, who believe that the web will be a good medium to gain a wider market. The web site will need to provide information on the company and their products, as well as providing an engine to display up to the minute news stories relating to how the company is performing, showing their value to potential customers and investors.

Web Design : 500
The design of the site is based around a good initial structure to provide a navigation framework for the different areas required. This takes into account the fact that not all sites need to have a linear or hierarchical flow, and the different ways in which information can be presented. Taking into account target audiences and other factors based on the sites objective the pages are then designed for maximum usability and visual impact

Implementation : 300
This particular company needs around fifteen pages, five of which comprise an internal area of the site which the company will use to input news stories, store customer feedback and details etc. Pages would be created following the site structure and page design already agreed with the client during the design process.

Programming : 400
An amount of programming would be involved in this site to provide the functionality for the news pages, as well as for dealing with customer feedback and details.

The amount of programming required for a site varies greatly, depending on the complexity required. Programming is usually quoted for on an hourly basis at a rate of 35

We also provide flash design and creation services either, to give extra impact to HTML based web sites or, as a complete flash web site. Pricing for flash is based on the complexity required and is usually quoted for on an hourly basis at a rate of 35

Web hosting : 100
Per year for up to 250 MB of storage and 2 gigabits transferred each month. For a small company this should be plenty, and an increase can be purchased at any time.

Fixed Price Web Site

We offer a fixed price basic package. For 500 we provide a five page site. You provide the text for each page, along with any special images - such as photos of yourself or your products. If you need any extras - such as programming or hosting - we'll be happy to quote for those separately.


Some customers will have smaller needs than those listed above - this might be, a couple of pages to show off your wedding photos or advertise your craft business. We believe we can come up with an innovative solution to match anyone's budget. Contact us to discuss what we can create for you.

Please note that all prices are exclusive of VAT